Ready to start sewing clothes you love to wear?

This free downloadable book covers the tools, equipment, skills, materials, and patterns you need to start sewing your own clothing.


Start sewing right now (even if you're an absolute beginner)

You're probably ready to jump in and start sewing immediately, but...where do you begin?

Like any other art or craft, sewing has many moving parts. Many beginners get stuck wondering what tools to buy, how to start working with fabric, and how to pick out the best first sewing pattern.

Does that sound like you?

This book will guide you through the four things you need to start sewing: your machine, tools, fabric, and sewing patterns. We've gathered our most expert advice and favorite resources for this free book, to help you take the first steps to create your dream wardrobe.

What you'll learn:

This free book will teach you about:

  • How to buy a sewing machine
  • The most essential sewing tools (and the nice-to-haves for later)
  • A list of the foundational sewing skills you'll use all the time
  • All about the best garment fabrics for beginners (and where to buy them)
  • Which Seamwork patterns are ideal for beginners
  • What to do when you have all your stuff and you're ready to sew

Congratulations on taking the first step to learning how to sew your own wardrobe! We know you'll find it empowering, inspiring, and—of course—fun.