Do you want sewing to feel easier & more joyful?

You can set up a sewing space that makes you feel relaxed and creative – no matter how much space you have.


This number astounded us...

73% of sewists we surveyed told us that their physical space stops them from sewing.

Think about that! The majority of us are held back from a creative hobby that we love, simply because of our environment.

Folks told us that it's a hassle to take everything out and put it away again. It's hard to make space on the dining room table to cut fabric. And tools are scattered around the house, not where they need them.

That's why we created this free guide – so nothing stops you from having fun with fabric.


What you'll learn:

In this free guide, you'll find out:

  • How much space you really need to sew (it's less than you think!)
  • How to create a space that fits your budget
  • What tools you really need (and which you can upgrade to later)
  • What your sewing space style is
  • How to store your fabric and patterns
  • Tons of links and resources to help you with your specific challenges