Hey Campers!

Registration is open for the Seamwork Radio Summer Sewing Camp. Sign up and you'll get creative and tactical exercises to help you set up your dream sewing space and discover your core personal style. Plus other campy goodies.

Camp ends on July 26, so click the button to sign up before then!


Meet your camp leaders!

Haley and Sarai have planned a bunch of practical adventures to help you get creative with your sewing space and your personal style.

Each exercise follows an episode of the Seamwork Radio Podcast.

In the first few adventures, we'll show you how to turn your sewing space—no matter how big or small—into a welcoming haven that nurtures your creativity.

In the final 4 adventures, you'll get the first look at our new, improved Style Workshop. This workshop helps you discover your signature style, so you know what kinds of clothes you'll actually wear.

When camp ends, your sewing space will be organized, and you'll be ready to express yourself and sew all the things!


Sewing Space Camp

In the first four episodes of Seamwork Radio Summer Sewing Camp, you'll upgrade your sewing space.

Part 1: Explore. You'll step into your space and describe what you see. Then you'll create a vision for your dream sewing space.

Part 2: Strategize. You'll set a strategy for your budget, tools, and storage.

Part 3: Audit. You'll decide what to keep, donate, and trash.

Part 4: Organize. You'll get tons of tips for organizing your new space, so you can set it all up and start sewing!

The NEW Style Workshop Camp

What’s the biggest challenge to sewing your handmade wardrobe? Actually, it has nothing to do with sewing.

The trickiest part is making clothes you actually love to wear. And the secret to doing that is choosing designs and fabrics that truly fit your style, personality, and life.

The Style Workshop will help you pinpoint yours so you can fully express yourself through the clothing you make. Sarai and Haley talk in-depth about this workshop and give you some sample exercises so you can get a sense of what you'll learn.

Campy goodies!

What fun would summer camp be without some arts and crafts? Your booklet includes a tutorial and templates for creating felt patches you can sew on your me-made denim jacket or backpack.