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 When your clothes fit, you feel empowered. Do your sewing projects fit in a way that makes you feel good?

  • Do you love to wear all the me-made garments in your closet–created by you, for you?
  • When you picked out your fabric and your pattern, did you have anxiety about the fit of your finished garment?
  • Was it easy to figure out what changes you needed to make to your muslin? 
  • When you wear your finished project, does it fit you in a way that makes you feel confident—and comfortable?

If not, you’re not alone. We just love to sew, but plenty of us dedicate hours to making clothes that don’t fit our bodies. The clothes go unworn and all of that creative energy feels lost.

Fitting seems intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. What if you could learn some fundamental fitting skills that will help you tackle any fitting challenge with confidence? 

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Free Printable Fitting Journal

A downloadable journal that you can print and use each time you sew a new garment. This journal has tips for diagnosing fit issues on your muslin, identifying the changes you need to make to your pattern, and journaling all the progress you make. Download the journal instantly and get started right away.

Jumstart Your Fitting Email Series

The Jumpstart Your Fitting email series walks you through five steps to get a great fit, as you document your whole process in your fitting journal.

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The journal and Fitting Quick-Start Email Series are totally free.  

They accompany the How to Fit With Confidence video class, which guides you through your fitting journey, helps you maintain a curious mindset, and gives you the problem-solving skills to sew clothes that you love to wear.

We offer this to you for free because we love the idea of introducing more and more sewists to the ideas behind thoughtful sewing. 

If you consider yourself an intentional sewist, or you want to be more intentional, Seamwork offers you the 3 magic ingredients: patterns, classes, and community. Learn more about Seamwork membership.  

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